Horticulture Production in India



(National Horticulture Mission (NHM), Horticulture Mission for North East & Himalayan States (HMNEH), National Bamboo Mission (NBM), National Horticulture Board (NHB), Coconut Development Board (CDB), Central Institute of Horticulture (CIH)).

A Centrally Sponsored Scheme of MIDH has been launched for the holistic development of horticulture in the country during XII plan. The scheme, which has taken take off from 2014-15, integrates the ongoing schemes of National Horticulture Mission, Horticulture Mission for North East & Himalayan States, National Bamboo Mission, National Horticulture Board, Coconut Development Board and Central Institute for Horticulture, Nagaland.
Sun events
Minutes of the 11th meeting of Empowered Monitoring Committee (EMC) under Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) held on 27.07.2017
Unspent balances as on 30-06-2017 in respect of funds released under MIDH.
Filling up the post of Managing Director, National Horticulture Board (37400-67000 and grade pay of Rs. 10000/-) Gurgaon (Haryana) in the Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare (Department of Agriculture, Cooperation and Farmers Welfare) on deputation (including short-term contract) basis.
Engagement of Chief Consultant / Consultant / Young Professional under TSG of MIDH.
Recommendations of the findings of the Committee to study NDDB cluster and FPO model for marketing of horticultural produce- actions required on part of States.
Revalidation of unspent funds out of grants-in -aid released in 2016-17 and accrued interest thereon for utilization in 2017-18 in implementation of the schemes under MIDH.
Studies to be conducted by SHMs in collaboration with NLAs for enhancement of Value Chain.
Extension in last date of submission of application from 30th April, 2017 to 30th June, 2017 for the post of Assistant Director in APCC Secretariat, Jakarta, Indonesia.
Revalidation of unspent funds out of grants-in-aid released in previous financial years and accrued interest thereon and release of funds in 2016-17
Annual review meeting, 2017-18
Administrative Approval of MIDH, 2017-18
Administrative Approval of MIDH, 2017-18
Annual Report of NHB, 2015-16.
Cut-off date for approval of projects under MIDH as per the existing guidelines.
Minutes of 4th meeting of Executive Committee of MIDH
Road Map for Reducting Imports of Fruits 23.03.2017
Report Compilation
Minutes of the meeting to review the findings of the committee to study NDDB cluster & FPO model for marketing vegetables.
Annual Review Meeting to assess implementation of MIDH, 18-19 April, 2017
Minutes of the meeting chaired by Director (Horticulture) to finalize AAP 2017-18 of National Level Agencies (NLAs) at Room No 246, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi
Publishing information brochure on major fruit crops of the state-consideration.
4th meeting of Executive Committee (EC) of Mission for Integrated development of Horticulture (MIDH) under the chairmanship of Secretary (DAC&FW) – circulating detailed agenda reg.
Linking markets with e-NAM and speeding up the expenditure of SCSP funds-matter.
Minutes of the Eight Meeting of Empowered Monitoring C0mmittee (EMC) Under Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) Held on 6th March, 2017 at Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi.
4th Executive Committee Meeting of MIDH Under the Chairmanship of Secretary at Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi.
Discussion of draft AAP 2017-18 with Horticulture Division (MIDH) at New Delhi.
Preparation for 2017-18 Annual action Plan.
National Level Consultation with all stake holders to discuss proposed changes in MIDH norms.
Submission of perspective plan for next five years.
Minutes of 3rd Review Meeting with NHM and HMNEH States on 09.01.2017
Zonal & National Review Meeting.
Decision of General Council of Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture (MIDH) meeting held on 09.11.2016 regarding delegation of powers.
NHM/HMNEH review on 09-01-2016 at New Delhi